Who Is It?

You may or may not be asking (I’ll assume the latter) about who is writing all this? An english-major, tea-drinker, writer? A old, batty woman with nothing better to do? A teenager with a lot of emotions who just has to get them out, okay? A ninja?

Well, none of those. Though I do drink tea. And I do write.

This would be the condensed version; Michelle Hebert, eighteen, student, Canadian. But that version is dry and stuffy, and I am not a fan of it whatsoever.

This is the other, slightly more intriguing version; I read, write, sing, hunt rabid giraffes, play volleyball, and play guitar. I love my big Alberta skies, wheat fields, and camping trips in the summer. I love to travel. I’m secretly a nerd. (Read as, I watch musicals, read Harry Potter too often, and can quote most of the movies I watch.)
I love to be out in the country, riding quads and bikes, and just getting away from the city. I love the friends that I have and I try to be as loyal as I can. I’ve been writing since I was little, and I love to do so. It’s a passion of mine that I hold close to my heart, and I love to use it to express the way I feel, or freeze a moment, or a feeling, in the time that it occurred.
I also lied about giraffe hunting. I usually only hunt mosquitoes.

Your other question that relates to who is this, is why are you writing this?

I’m here, on this site – I hate to say blog, because that reminds me of emo thirteen-year-olds who have nothing to do put spill emotional trauma and their daily happenings onto a web page that nobody reads but themselves and their best friend – so that I can share some of my poetry that I myself enjoy. After all, it doesn’t do a whole lot sitting in the ‘my documents’ folder with nobody to read it. I figure that someone out there will be able to enjoy it in one way or another. I can also leave little asides that remind me why I wrote it, or what was going on when I wrote it. I can get feedback on the weaker poems, and information on my other ones. Lastly, I can contribute to literature in some way other than reading a book.

So I hope you enjoy this site, and you have a little more insight into the mysterious person behind the laptop, who, sadly, is no more ninja that you…unless you are a ninja, in that case, I won’t expose your ninjaness anymore.


6 responses to “Who Is It?

  1. Alie ⋅

    Michelle, I love the site. The poetry is gorgeous, the quotes inspiring, and I hope you keep writing, because I truly love what you do. Thank you for sharing, I hope you continue to do so!!!

  2. I liked that you hunted rabid giraffes but then i realised that you lied…(though i did wonder how you would hunt a rabid giraffe??) in any case hunting mosquitoes is a much better endeavour, they are vermin. Good poems though, look forward to seeing some more.

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