Into the stars, shall I run

No longer a thought for the sun

The starlight is soft, the starlight is easy

And it kisses my shoulders

Leaving me dizzy


Across the skies, shall I race

The night sky’s heaven, is my grace

The starlight forgives, the starlight forgets

It knows who I am

And knows no regrets


Far from the moon, shall I fly

With the hope I’ll never die

The starlight is gentle, the starlight is tame

For on my shoulders

Is nothing like blame


Beyond my dreams, shall I chase

Stars as a net, just in case

The starlight is bracing, the starlight is steady

So far shall I sail

Never unsteady


Unto my schemes, shall I soar

Dreams as loud as lion’s roar

The starlight is beauty, the starlight is strong

It knows my own life

It knows my own song


Until the stars die, shall I dash

Until my world is naught but ash

The starlight is heaven, the starlight is hell

I burn and I yearn

To be under it’s spell


Have you ever had a time, when you found a perfect moment? Where you could barley breathe in the awe and the beauty of it? Where you felt infinite? Where you felt strong?

They’re rare, for sure. But when you experience them, it just feels like nothing else in this world.

I’ve had the fortune to have a few of these moments. The one that this particular poem is modeled after is when there were a bunch of us, sitting around the fire, looking at the clearest patch of night sky I have ever seen in my life. Billions upon billions of stars, just scattered across the sky, twinkling and dancing. It was a moment that seared into my mind.

Not only, in that moment, did it feel crazy, and amazing, but it also made me realize that there are millions of reasons that I could – or couldn’t – be here. And to look into that night sky, it was like looking into something inexplicable. And I loved it.


For One More Night

 Set me free

For one more night

Where I can taste

The bliss of flight


And feel my wings

Upon my back

Before I have to

Give them back


Before I return

Unto the night

A life of slumber

Without sight


To wait within

My gilded cage

To live forever

And never age


To live in heartache

In freedom’s want

The cage of gold

I’ll forever haunt


So tonight I’ll fly

And soar and hope

That I’ll learn

Of how to cope


And while I fly

I’ll remember this

The taste of heaven

And starlight’s kiss


So set me free

For one more night

Where I can taste

The bliss of flight


I don’t know where this poem came from. I don’t know why it speaks to me, when I’m the one who wrote it. And I certainly don’t know why I felt sad when I wrote it.

It’s funny, how, sometimes, the words just appear on the page for what seems like no reason. Like your just a tool for your own imagination. It’s a weird feeling.

Perhaps I’ll just sit down to write freely more often…

Fly, Fly, Firefly

Fly, fly, you fireflies

Wrapped in your star disguise

As you flicker and glow

As wishes we throw

As kisses we blow

Fly, fly, you fireflies


Fly, fly, you fireflies

Dance in your rush

A twinkling hush

Get me to whisper and blush

In a night so lush

Fly, fly, you fireflies


Fly, fly, you fireflies

Light the sparkles in my eyes

Light the flame

Start the game

Whisper my name

Fly, fly you fireflies


Fly, fly, you fireflies

This heated night

Take your flight

This place alight

A glittering kite

Fly, fly, you fireflies


Fly, fly, you fireflies

In your star-lit disguise

Give me a final kiss

With nothing amiss

Leave me in bliss

Fly, fly, you fireflies


Do you ever have those moments that you forever remember? Like they’ve been etched into your head and your memory for forevermore, and just a word can bring back a time, a moment, that you can recall with such vividness that it hardly seems a memory?

I remember the first time I saw a firefly. Because, here in Alberta, they’re rare to see, especially cooped up in the city. We were on the beach in Manitoba, the beach fire blazing, the stars in the sky glowing, and the water lapping at the beach. It was a calm moment, coupled with laughter and smiles from the family. Then the fireflies came out…

And we chased them and danced and sang, running up and down the beach like madmen, but in such utter joy that I’m sure we could have lit a room. And when we calmed down, we sat on the logs ’round the fire, and tried to count them, mixing up stars with fireflies.  Listening to the crackle of the flames, the smell of the beach, the white sand, the glow. 

It’s a moment that I will forever remember. It’s a memory that I can’t forget. And I love that. At the same time, I also wish I could be that carefree again. To live out this summer like that night where we chased a million fireflies, and danced like nobody was watching. I want to make sure that this summer is one I remember. Where it becomes one of those memories. And I can’t wait.

The Stars Spin By

My heart aches

My heart breaks

When I sit under this sky

And watch the stars spin by


And I’m here wondering why

Watching this midnight sky

I’m alone for tonight

And nothing is right


Because imprinted on my eyes

Is you in your disguise

With her, with her, with her

Under my skin, a burning burr


And all I want for right now

All I want is to know how

To find my happily ever after

To finally find my laughter


To wish on that shooting star

To be right where you are

Instead, here I am with a broken smile

And you carrying on all the while


So here I am, here I stand

Just wanting to take your hand

Instead you’re with her

She’s the one you prefer


So my heart aches

And my heart breaks

Where I sit under this sky

And watch the stars spin by


I admit, I had another poem in mind for this week, but, for some reason, I wrote this one the other day, and felt like it fit this week. It’s grey and rainy here, and the weeks are dragging by while I wait for the key to the door to summer. Because instead of being set free into the summer heat, I’m stuck inside while it rains and I’m pouring over math and science until my head spins.

Not to mention I just feel so dreary. Sad. And lonely, because everybody else is cooped up during the day, studying for these diplomas that will be the death of us all. And while I’m excited for summer, I’m also wondering what it will bring.

This is also a poem for all those who have watched somebody that they want walk away with somebody else.

I’ll have more light-hearted stuff next week, I promise. 🙂

Odd Place To See

What an odd place to be

Where suddenly I see

A place for you

A place for me

With the trees holding up the sky

Where we will never die


While you spin me in circles

A place of miracles

Like the sun that sets the fire

And burns its own desire

As it sinks into the night

Where everything is right


And we are young

And the summer has begun

Let the shadows play

Until another day

Where an odd place to be

Holds only you and me


Yes, it’s an odd place to be

With only you and me

This prairie daze

The twilight haze

Of a lovers field of dreams

Where we can plant our schemes


And watch them grow in stars

No matter where we are

As they sparkle

As they shine

As you whisper, as we twine

In this grassy place


And we are young

And the summer has begun

Let the shadows play

Until another day

Where an odd place to be

Holds only you and me


And I want the fire

I want desire

I want everything that comes with you

Here on this prairie blue

So give me your love now

And help to show me how


While we are young

And the summer has begun

Let the shadows play

Until another day

Where an odd place to be

Holds only you and me


Give me another kiss

Where it’s never felt like this

Let the stars dance

Let the moon prance

And I’ll see them in your eyes

A silver blue surprise


You are my perfect night

In my illuminated sight

Give me more, give me you

And don’t stop until we’re through

It’s a summer night

Where everything is finally right


We are young

And the summer has begun

Let the shadows play

Until another day

Where an odd place to be

Holds only you and me

So today was the last day of High School. The last day I’ll ever walk in to go to work. To do science labs. To wander the halls aimlessly. It’s a weird feeling, and doesn’t feelquite real. I also think that that is due to the fact that diploms are on their way, and we haven’t walked the stage yet. I mean, it’s still grey and rainy here, so how can summer and high school be over? Especially when I have all this studying to do? It’s weird.

However, this poem is to celebrate this day, and the summer that is right on our doorsteps. And I can’t wait for the adventures that it will bring. 🙂

A Cowboy, a Dirt Road, a Sweet Romance

It’s a place in my heart

Where we were young and free

Where summer’s heat was part of me

And we had nowhere else to be

Where the world was far away

And our young love was here to stay


It’s where you and I

Once fell in love

Under that blue Alberta sky

In that old blue Ford that always died

Where our memories and the radio entwined

Where our fates began to twine


It’s  a dirt road sunset

Sitting on the hood of that truck

A little bit of whiskey

Doing something risky

Watching the sun’s fire

Ignite it’s own desire


Its cut-off jeans, a white tank top

Your flannel shirt ‘round my shoulders

With the fiery fields all aglow

Singing along to the radio

A little bit of rum and coke

A little bit of campfire smoke


It’s a whisper in my ear

Smell of your leather and my perfume

Mixed together, a sweet concoction

Cuts my breath, just like a toxin

Where the catch that’s in your voice

Is a calling, not a choice


It’s the trees that hold the sky

Casting shadows on your face

This forbidden meeting

With my heart beating

Your name, tattooed with every pound

That beats too loud, an audible sound


It’s the crickets singing

The moon’s fair light

Slippery shadows across your face

A vivid picture, I can’t erase

A coyote’s shrieking, weeping cry

The night we thought would never die


It’s a slow, slow dance

A cowboy, a dirt road, a sweet romance

Swaying to the music of the night

Giving in to you without a fight

To your strong arms, your hungry eyes

That even the night couldn’t disguise


It’s that lingering kiss

Your hand in my hair, tangled there

It’s the goodnight, goodbye

The sound of your sweet sigh

It’s how I remember those days

Out where the horses graze


Where it’s a place in my heart

Where we were young and free

Where summer’s heat was part of me

And we had nowhere else to be

Where the world was far away

And our young love was here to stay


We all want to fall in love; we all want that fire, that ice, that beauty that results in the knowledge that somebody truly and deeply cares about you. It’s all part of human nature to want it.

I know I seem to write an abundance of love poems, which could be considered strange for somebody not in a relationship, or who has never even been in a serious one. But, we always want what we can’t have, right? And, since the last time I checked, I am human, of course I want to find love. So, perhaps, I write love poems because I write of something I’ve only read about, and turn my want into daydreams…that turn into the poems here. Is that so wrong? Personally, I think not. After all, it saves me from doing something with a stranger; because I have lived my daydreams through these poems. And in that, I might be weird, but who knows? Do most authors not live in their stories at one point or another? Why should it be so different for anyone who writes poetry?

Anyways, with the school year almost at an end, I have to start really focusing on my school work, so don’t expect me to post every week…at this point, it may be once every two weeks. And, I’m going to be way worse in the summer. Me posting every week when I would rather be drinking up the rather rare warm temperatures in mild Calgary is more of a draw for me than anything else…not to mention it’s more of an inspiration that staring blankly at Microsoft word, trying to get what I want to say out on paper (err…the screen). My poems are so much better when they are not forced.

And with that note, adieu.



Storm, Fire, Ice

He’s all whimsy and wit

A smile you can’t quit

And I’m hooked like a cigarette

He’s got eyes like the sea

And they’re trained all on me

A mix between lover and storm

He’s a fast car and freedom

A Garden of Eden

With everything I want right here

He’s got a bent smile

That goes on for miles

A mix between young boy and man

He’s all spirit and storm

Passion in free form

He keeps me coming back for more

He’s got hands that twine

That get tangled with mine

A mix between callused and soft

He’s a dirt road and sunset

Never a regret

Sitting on the hood of that car

He’s got romance and white wine

Sparking down my spine

A mix between lover and friend

He’s all fire and ice

My heart as the price

For love like a hurricane

He’s got lips like a flame

With a heart you can’t tame

A mix between bad boy and hero

He’s all man and all mine

By fate or design

Shooting stars and moonlight night

He’s got a heart that’s on fire

A love to inspire

A mix of fiction and love songs

He’s storm, fire and ice

I’ve thrown in the dice

Gambled for love

Because I can’t help but fall

For the man dark and tall

A mix of storm, fire, ice.

I’ve been in a creative mood this week, for no apparent reason. Maybe it’s the start of term two in school. Or perhaps it’s just one of those things. I find that my creativity comes and goes, ebbs and flows, all dependent on whatever mood or whatever I am doing that day. I might have to put this one onto the music I’ve been listening to lately, as I’ve found myself listening to the words more and more, and falling in love with the music. Hunter Hayes, Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Kira Isabella, I’m talking to you. And Kelly Clarkson, I like that new song she has out.

Anyway, this poem originally started out as a tentative song, and though I have not yet ruled that out, I rather like it in that form. I did move some verses around a bit to better find a rhythm, a story, and something to believe in.

I hope you enjoy it like I do, and perhaps an acoustic, updated version may be on the way.  

Dancing Stars

Dancing stars

And flying kites

Away on the wings

Of nightingale’s flight

Into the night

Of glittery glow

Of whispering wind

And wuthering song

Muted moon

And silvery stars

Dancing in the arms

Of slippery shadows

Twirling haze

Of flowing fog

Of murmuring mist

And whispering willows

Nightingales wings

Swaying in the song

Swirling in the shadows

Dancing in the stars

How dramatic. Makes me sound like a desperate teen with shadowy thoughts. This is not a poem about death or shadows or any of that. Instead, it is inspired by a night on the farm on a misty night when the moon a shadowy orb that barley lit the sky. And truly, when you walked, you could almost see the mist swirl, like a misty horror movie. It was beautiful and eerie at the same time. So the poised, peachy poem you have here. 🙂