The Maiden and the Sea

She watched her sailor sail away

Her tears were soft as she cried that day

She had no way to make him stay

The call of the sea whispered; “obey”.


The foam, the spray, the smell, the sea

Froze his heart, and shut out the maiden

Though his heart broke with her wistful plea

Until he sailed, his mind was laden.


His heart frozen with want, he followed his mistress

Pure desire and need pulsed through the lustrous sea

But his heart only lusted, stone cold and listless,

No warmth of true love, another holding the key.


Enraged the sea killed, the storm far extending

The tale of three  lovers, forever ending.



– This is an attempt at a sonnet, fueled by the english 30-1 curriculum forcing creativity. In the end it came out okay, though I believe I will be sticking with my own free verse for a long while. Where I wanted to add on, I had to stop, and where I wanted to stop, I had to add on, most times, very unwillingly. It was interesting to say the least. So, in the end, a poem that did manage a 98%, because, my iambic is off. But I’m over it.