Storm, Fire, Ice

He’s all whimsy and wit

A smile you can’t quit

And I’m hooked like a cigarette

He’s got eyes like the sea

And they’re trained all on me

A mix between lover and storm

He’s a fast car and freedom

A Garden of Eden

With everything I want right here

He’s got a bent smile

That goes on for miles

A mix between young boy and man

He’s all spirit and storm

Passion in free form

He keeps me coming back for more

He’s got hands that twine

That get tangled with mine

A mix between callused and soft

He’s a dirt road and sunset

Never a regret

Sitting on the hood of that car

He’s got romance and white wine

Sparking down my spine

A mix between lover and friend

He’s all fire and ice

My heart as the price

For love like a hurricane

He’s got lips like a flame

With a heart you can’t tame

A mix between bad boy and hero

He’s all man and all mine

By fate or design

Shooting stars and moonlight night

He’s got a heart that’s on fire

A love to inspire

A mix of fiction and love songs

He’s storm, fire and ice

I’ve thrown in the dice

Gambled for love

Because I can’t help but fall

For the man dark and tall

A mix of storm, fire, ice.

I’ve been in a creative mood this week, for no apparent reason. Maybe it’s the start of term two in school. Or perhaps it’s just one of those things. I find that my creativity comes and goes, ebbs and flows, all dependent on whatever mood or whatever I am doing that day. I might have to put this one onto the music I’ve been listening to lately, as I’ve found myself listening to the words more and more, and falling in love with the music. Hunter Hayes, Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Kira Isabella, I’m talking to you. And Kelly Clarkson, I like that new song she has out.

Anyway, this poem originally started out as a tentative song, and though I have not yet ruled that out, I rather like it in that form. I did move some verses around a bit to better find a rhythm, a story, and something to believe in.

I hope you enjoy it like I do, and perhaps an acoustic, updated version may be on the way.  

Dancing Stars

Dancing stars

And flying kites

Away on the wings

Of nightingale’s flight

Into the night

Of glittery glow

Of whispering wind

And wuthering song

Muted moon

And silvery stars

Dancing in the arms

Of slippery shadows

Twirling haze

Of flowing fog

Of murmuring mist

And whispering willows

Nightingales wings

Swaying in the song

Swirling in the shadows

Dancing in the stars

How dramatic. Makes me sound like a desperate teen with shadowy thoughts. This is not a poem about death or shadows or any of that. Instead, it is inspired by a night on the farm on a misty night when the moon a shadowy orb that barley lit the sky. And truly, when you walked, you could almost see the mist swirl, like a misty horror movie. It was beautiful and eerie at the same time. So the poised, peachy poem you have here. 🙂