The coolness of the dewy grass

Smooth against my feet

Tickles as I move

And whispers as I speak

The giggling of the gentle creek

Rippling over stones

Shining in the sunlight

And singing to me sweetly

The gentleness of the setting sun

Streaming through the trees

Illuminating shadow

And warming with delight

The last moment of a perfect day

Fades to somewhere else

September is upon us

And frost is in the air



School is heavily on my mind right now. After all, this is my final year in high school, and there are some huge decisions to be made! University, courses, friends, and grad are all at the forefront of my mind. It’ll be nice to see those people that I was not able to see all summer, but at the same time, it’s intimidating. Some of my friends left for university in August, and that was quite the reality check. But I’ll get through the rest of the summer sitting contently in the summer sun and enjoying that precious single day before textbooks and teachers.