With Your Eyes, A Smile

Kiss me with your eyes

And love me with your smile

Let me know what I

Haven’t known in quite a while


Let me feel the freedom

That comes with your soft gaze

To wander in each other’s eyes

And roam for all my days


Kiss me a sweet question

Let it tingle down my spine

A thousand answers on my lips

All ways to call you mine


Let me feel the power

That lives in your silk touch

Knowing that I have you

Feels like it’s so much


Awake me from this dream

Awake me from this wish

Wake me with nothing else

But the knowledge of this bliss


Alright, so it’s short and sweet today. Mostly, because I’m so busy between coaching and school, but also, because the majority of my poems tend to be long and drawn out. It’s really just who I am as a writer in general; even when I was younger, my stories and essays would be way longer than what was asked.

And, why a love poem this week? Well, I’ve left you some pretty serious poems the past couple weeks, so I thought I would lighten things up a bit.

And, okay, fine. I like love poems. I don’t care if I’ve never been in love, let alone ever had a boyfriend. We all want that special someone; the one who sweeps us off our feet, makes us laugh, smile, cry. So here’s to wishing on stars, that someday that special someone will find me. And, preferably, appreciate instead of scoff at my romantic notions and poetry.

Odd Place To See

What an odd place to be

Where suddenly I see

A place for you

A place for me

With the trees holding up the sky

Where we will never die


While you spin me in circles

A place of miracles

Like the sun that sets the fire

And burns its own desire

As it sinks into the night

Where everything is right


And we are young

And the summer has begun

Let the shadows play

Until another day

Where an odd place to be

Holds only you and me


Yes, it’s an odd place to be

With only you and me

This prairie daze

The twilight haze

Of a lovers field of dreams

Where we can plant our schemes


And watch them grow in stars

No matter where we are

As they sparkle

As they shine

As you whisper, as we twine

In this grassy place


And we are young

And the summer has begun

Let the shadows play

Until another day

Where an odd place to be

Holds only you and me


And I want the fire

I want desire

I want everything that comes with you

Here on this prairie blue

So give me your love now

And help to show me how


While we are young

And the summer has begun

Let the shadows play

Until another day

Where an odd place to be

Holds only you and me


Give me another kiss

Where it’s never felt like this

Let the stars dance

Let the moon prance

And I’ll see them in your eyes

A silver blue surprise


You are my perfect night

In my illuminated sight

Give me more, give me you

And don’t stop until we’re through

It’s a summer night

Where everything is finally right


We are young

And the summer has begun

Let the shadows play

Until another day

Where an odd place to be

Holds only you and me

So today was the last day of High School. The last day I’ll ever walk in to go to work. To do science labs. To wander the halls aimlessly. It’s a weird feeling, and doesn’t feelquite real. I also think that that is due to the fact that diploms are on their way, and we haven’t walked the stage yet. I mean, it’s still grey and rainy here, so how can summer and high school be over? Especially when I have all this studying to do? It’s weird.

However, this poem is to celebrate this day, and the summer that is right on our doorsteps. And I can’t wait for the adventures that it will bring. 🙂

Find My Heaven, Banish My Hell

I’m ready to dance

I’m ready to sing

I’m ready to find heaven

And banish my hell


Break free of my chains

Break free of the game

Break free of the night

And breathe in the light


I’m going to restart my heart

I’m going to fly again

I’m going to find what makes me

And see that sunset sky


A way from that hell

A way from my chains

A way for me to finally see

And finally become me


I’m going to feel that fire

I’m going to feel desire

I’m going to chase the stars

And only stop for dreams


Tonight I’m going to flare

Tonight I’m going to shine

Tonight I’m going to live and fly

And live to never die

Tonight, I’m getting my makeup done, getting my hair curled, and putting on my grad dress. Because, tonight, is the night that all the grade twelves get into their limos with friends, take pictures, and go to a banquet held in their honor. Then we dance the night away in a haze of family and friends, and, maybe, a wee bit of drinking. (Most of us are legal, after all…) We get ourselves all prettied up for one night that we hope we never forget. Because this is part of the next step in our lives, so we are told.

I’ve been to a lot of grads. Fourteen, in fact. And each one, they tell us that this is the next step in our journey of life. This is the night where we celebrate the work we have done over the past twelve years, and can enjoy it. What they always forget, is that we have to go to school the next weeks, write our finals, and then we get kicked out into the real world…

Anyways, I don’t know how I feel about today. Excited? Happy? Sad? I don’t know. It’s nice to be primped and pampered, and have half a dozen cameras going off at once at you. It’ll make you feel special, and like all this work was worth it. But we’ll see. This poem is just for tonight. A little step onto the next journey, where I’ll forge my own path in life from now on…So wish me luck for a good night!

Find Me A River, Find Me A Dream

Find me a river

Find me a stream

Find me a place

Where I can dream


Under the willows

And under the sun

Find me a place

Where I can run


Past the garden

Past the creek

Find me a place

To be unique


Through the woods

And through the trees

Find me a place

To feel the breeze


Close to the meadow

Close to the field

Find me a place

That’s unrevealed


Next to the willow

And next to the sea

Find me a place

Where I can be me


Away from the town

Away from the farm

Find me a place

Where there’s no harm


Near the clouds

And near the stream

Find me a place

Where I can dream


Where I can lie

Beneath the sky

Find me a place

To never die


I think, sometimes, that we all wish that we could escape the present life we’re living. Get away from school, work. our families, our friends, our daily problems. Something inside us just shuts down, and that want to run, get away from it all, get to a place where we feel calm, and safe, and ourselves again.

I’m like that. Some days, when I’m up to my neck in school work, and volleyball, and family life and this and that, and oh my goodness, I have to get this done by that date, something inside me wants so badly to just get out of the city, away from it all. Go to the mountains, the farm, a summertime memory. Just get away from everything that is overwhelming me.

We live in a world that is so go-go-go, get this done, that done, keep on your toes, etc. We are always on our smartphones and the internet, always connected to the world. We sleep with our phones within a arm’s length, check Facebook and Twitter when we go to bed, then when we wake up, watch the news while we eat breakfast, get a text asking about a class in the morning. It’s a constant input of information, constant this and that. And we’re expected to take it all in, get good marks in school, work, play a sport, this that. It’s hectic. My own family is running seven days a week between my brother’s soccer and volleyball, my other brother’s karate, my volleyball, dad’s work, mom’s work. And it never stops.

It’s such a fast-paced planet that we hardly get a chance to breathe. I end up missing those summer days where I could just sit with a good book, and not worry about university applications, work, what I’m going to do, and somebody said this, so I should look it up…

No. I want simpler times. A place for me to breathe, to sit, to finally relax. To get healthy again. To not worry about a million different things, and a thousand different other things that are outside of my control.

But for now, I have to be content to sit in a windowless room while I slave away at math and bio and science, things that not only am I not good at, but things that I hate doing. For now, all I can do is push through, and hope that with the summer sun will come a time where I can sit and finally breathe.

the dream

the fog that surrounds

the mist that shrouds

a lulling mystery

that enchants you

as you slumber

deep into the depths

of a sweet surrender

the whisper

the grace

the sweetness of dream

one that leads you

as you surrender

falling gently

into the peace

the bliss

the calm

the tranquility

of the dream



This poem is something that I had in mind for a while, and when I finally sat down to write it, it flowed perfectly onto the paper. It was so exciting, and I loved how something I had written worked so well. It flows, it sounds good, and I like it, so there’s a bonus. It’s one of those poems to get lost in, to feel the way that I do in my head on those grey days curled up watching the rain pour down, racing down the pane. Or, that fuzzy moment when you wake up as the sun’s rays hit your face, and that warmth feels delicious. Or those nights where you stare up at the stars until you fall asleep. That’s what this poem is to me. What’s a dream like to you?