Dazzling Downtown Light

Dark city night

Modern glassy light

Like fire ‘cross the sky

Blocking out the night


Neon signs glare

Winking in the air

Like lighting by the street

As the people stare


Cars sailing by

Lighting up the sky

Like a rippling creek

Humming engines cry


Laughter and smiles

A hundred million styles

Like a rainbow dawning

Color for miles and miles


Couples dancing

Sweet romancing

Like a storm of roses

Lighting up the night


Downtown alive

Busy buzzing hive

Like a million bees

Dancing and alive


Clear city night

The lights all bright

Like a wildfire blowing

The city’s hot tonight


It occurs to me that a lot of my poetry has not been in favor of the city. Don’t get me wrong, the city is an awesome place to live, most of the time. It has it’s moments, where the dazzling displays of lights, sounds, and modern living all come together in a beautiful collage. We’ve all seen the black and white photos of downtown with car lights streaking by, and  seen the picture of the people dancing in the street while it rains. The city has its beautiful moments, it’s thrilling times. It’s always go go go in the city, and I think that that is why when I write poetry, I take a step back from the place where I’m always on the go seven days a week.

And some cities are truly thrilling. Like Las Vegas. I love it there, especially in the summer. The heat, the bustle, the extravagance of it all. I love that city, and love being on the boulevard at night when all the shows go, the Bellagio’s water show goes off, the lights flash and dance. It’s a thrill ride that reminds me that I do like cities, and I do enjoy their extravagance and in a strange way, their beauty.