The Dance Forgotten

When life was a song, and the song a dance

I would dance and sing, and sing and dance

I would find myself in the beat of the rain

When there was nothing left but all the pain

I would climb the trees of time forgotten

When history was made and history forgotten

When times were simpler, and full of life

I would remember those times, in the night

What sounds better than a howling wolf?

Singing about life as a lonely sad wolf

Singing to the lovely lonely silver moon

What sounds better, in the month of June?

High above in golden trees forgotten

A time of dark that I’ve forgotten

A time of blooming in the summer nights

High where I would come

And come to life.



And something a little different from most of the poetry I have written, a little more abstract. I will admit that I just let the words flow, looking for a little something that would give feeling rather than a pure play of words. Those are the poems that when they flow, you repeat them in your head for hours, just thinking about it. I was going for for feeling that anything else, and I feel that I might have accomplished it. Not my best work, by far, but something to share. Any feedback is welcome!