Into the stars, shall I run

No longer a thought for the sun

The starlight is soft, the starlight is easy

And it kisses my shoulders

Leaving me dizzy


Across the skies, shall I race

The night sky’s heaven, is my grace

The starlight forgives, the starlight forgets

It knows who I am

And knows no regrets


Far from the moon, shall I fly

With the hope I’ll never die

The starlight is gentle, the starlight is tame

For on my shoulders

Is nothing like blame


Beyond my dreams, shall I chase

Stars as a net, just in case

The starlight is bracing, the starlight is steady

So far shall I sail

Never unsteady


Unto my schemes, shall I soar

Dreams as loud as lion’s roar

The starlight is beauty, the starlight is strong

It knows my own life

It knows my own song


Until the stars die, shall I dash

Until my world is naught but ash

The starlight is heaven, the starlight is hell

I burn and I yearn

To be under it’s spell


Have you ever had a time, when you found a perfect moment? Where you could barley breathe in the awe and the beauty of it? Where you felt infinite? Where you felt strong?

They’re rare, for sure. But when you experience them, it just feels like nothing else in this world.

I’ve had the fortune to have a few of these moments. The one that this particular poem is modeled after is when there were a bunch of us, sitting around the fire, looking at the clearest patch of night sky I have ever seen in my life. Billions upon billions of stars, just scattered across the sky, twinkling and dancing. It was a moment that seared into my mind.

Not only, in that moment, did it feel crazy, and amazing, but it also made me realize that there are millions of reasons that I could – or couldn’t – be here. And to look into that night sky, it was like looking into something inexplicable. And I loved it.


The Angel That Fell

A long time ago

When humans bowed low

To the gods who lived in clouds

There was power and might

And angels bright

To serve the human crowds


Up way in heaven

She was one of the seven

Of dazzling angels there

Righteous and true

Golden in hue

Flawless and always fair


Then came a snake

With a plan to break

A hole between angel and gods

Shaped as a man

He invented a plan

Dark and full of fraud


To the heavens he came

A picture of shame

For all his previous sin

He fell to his knees

And begged the gods, please

To speak to their angel kin


Reluctant they were

To let him see her

Their pride, their angel fair

But just gods they were

Through they tried to defer

The meeting of the pair


Eventually they met

The fair and the threat

A meeting the gods couldn’t plan

He whispered sweet lies

Beginning the demise

Of pure angel and man


Worried, the gods warned her

Of trouble to occur

If they met again

“He’s sly and a snake,

Your wings he will break

Without a single ‘amen’”


She listened, demure

An angel, so pure

To their anxious pleas

But when the man came

And whispered her name

Their words vanished with ease


They met then in quiet

Their murmurs of riot

As the two fell in love

He tempted and taunted

Alive, and undaunted

To have secret love from above


He was so strong and all man

Something she couldn’t plan

And neither could the gods

Her halo grew dimmer

And so did her shimmer

Soon it attracted the gods


They questioned and doubted

And the good angels shouted

For her to lose her wings

“She’s been meeting the rebel

It’s time that she fell

From the heavens of kings”


The gods asked her why

Their hearts all a-cry

For their angel pure

She answered with “love”

Stronger than what’s above


And the gods declared their poor angel impure

They then struck her down

And broke her crown

And she lost her silver wings

She fell from her heaven

No longer one of the seven

Graced with silvery wings


And on earth the snake smiled

As the plan he compiled

Began to truly take form

Some angels cried

And some gods died

As the heavens became deformed


For without their seven

Up there in heaven

The devil’s plan did root

Six angels remained

And the gods were restrained

By the snake and his evil fruit


The gods were unable

To do good or enable

Their people down below

Slowly the heavens were dimmed

By the ones who sinned

As their rule began to grow


Her heart was then broken

By the words they had spoken

From both the gods and her love

She died deep inside

Alone, she did cry

Gone, and disposed of


But down here on earth

The angel gave birth

To a child of not one but two worlds

Half of him sure

The other impure

The battle would yet be unfurled


Through eighteen dark years

And the angel’s glad tears

The angel’s son was raised

Who learned about light

And learned how to fight

The devil and snake being praised


Soon the son confronted

The devil and snake affronted

About their darkened days

He challenged their rule

Claiming them to be malevolent and cruel

And evil in their ways


Enraged the snake struck

The heavens amok

As the two battled for truth

Unknowing the other

Both knew the mother

One as  lover, one as  youth


The heavy battle, it raged

And went on for days

Until the snake knocked down

His son, the young warrior

His son, the young courier

The son he could have crowned


And with his falling cry

The gods watched him die

And finally, they understood

The son of an angel

A fallen archangel

Who had been pure and good


They broke free of their chains

Took hold of the reins

That had held them back

They battled the devil

And finally, disheveled,

The heavens, they finally took back


But down on earth, all alone

The ex-angel had sewn

As she waited for the news

She prayed for her son

And what he had done

And what she had left to lose


The gods soon arrived

Their dark hearts revived

As they savored good and glory

But soon they were cheerless

As they saw their ex-angel, tearless

Her heart sore and sorry


She claimed she had known

After the seed had been sown

What evil had begun

When they cast her from heaven

From one of the seven

She knew, but she was shun


So she raised her poor son

To treat the evil begun

From the day that he was born

She taught him in light

And never to spite

And knew, one day, she would mourn


The gods begged her pardon

Right there in her garden

Wondering at her knowledge to give

They gave back her wings

And helped her to sing

And let their angel live


So both her and the boy

Her beautiful boy

Became heroes, up above

They praised her morality

Her poor son’s finality

The sacrifice made for love


But she always did wonder

If she did a blunder

By letting her gorgeous boy go

By letting him fight

To do what was right

But to that, she’d never know


So today they sing to her

And praise everything about her

Her silver wings, her halo crown, her sacrifice that day

Her place in the heavens

Among the sevens

And how she once went astray


I’m not going to say a whole lot on this one. One, because I’m sure if you got to the bottom of this and read the entire thing, you don’t want to read a whole lot more. Secondly, I’m sick. Which accounts for both the length and the obvious strangeness of this piece. Thirdly, pictures are worth a thousand words, so here is what inspired me to write this…and, yes, I was the photographer, the photoshop-er, and the ‘model’ in this piece. Hope you enjoyed this extremely long poem. It’s the second longest I’ve written to date. 🙂 Any feedback on this one is greatly appreciated, as it is on any of my poetry here!