Unfairy Tale

There was a place

Once upon a time

Where there existed

You and me

A time of fairy tales

And make believe

Where there was only

You and me

Singing in the sunlight

Dancing in the rain

Singing our own love song

About you and me

Hiding in the forest

Playing in the trees

Our own hideaway

Just for you and me

Living our own fairy tale

Of make believe and gardens green

Hiding in a living dreams

Just for you and me


There was a place

There was a time

When you were mine

When there was only you and me

But we watched the castle crack

As winter witches swooped in

And took siege to your heart

No room for you and me

They cackled as they watched

As I cried and pleaded

Told you I needed

All of you and me

And I almost saved you

From their eager lies

I could see it in your eyes

It was only you and me

Until they brought out their fair prize

Beauty with sapphire eyes

And I lost us

Lost all of you and me


There was a place

There was a time

Where there existed

You and me

But beauty prevailed

With the witches cold

And nothing became

Of you and me

I watched you walk away

I watched you disappear

Leaving behind the summer tale

Of only you and me

So I was left in the castle

Watched it take on weeds

As I lived on the disease

That was you and me

I watched the castle crumble

Watched the forest fall

Waiting for your return

With love for you and me


So, a little bit dark, a little bit shady, a little bit poetic. I have no idea what even inspired me to write this poem. I found myself at school opening up Word, and typing in the first four lines:”There was a place/Once upon a time/Where there existed/You and me.” And I wondered, once upon a time? Really? What can you write about princess and witches and princes without sounding too Disney. And, ahah! Heart-break. Perfect.

I still find myself reading way too much into this poem, though. Did the prince come back? Did she wait until the castle around her completely crumbled before she gave up? Did she give up? Or did the prince finally come back after meeting with his blond-haired, blue eyed princess and apologize for leaving his fair lady waiting? Were they still young? Or were they both white haired and old? Did they still love each other?

The thing is I don’t want to write it. Secretly, I think I know what happened. Secretly, I know the ending. But I won’t let you know. You read into this, and you find the ending that suits what you think happened.