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I would rather stand at the edge of a valley

Than at the dark length of an alley

And laugh with the wind

As it brushes my hair

Round my grin

I would rather be on fire with desire

Than cool and cold as a liar

And know someone loves me

That I won’t be lonely

As long as they hold the key

To my heart

I want to laugh

And dance

And fly

I want to love

And chance

And cry

I want to be known

As someone who showed

Their heart from the very start


I would rather dance like a crazy girl

And let those patched sails unfurl

Let myself break form

And not worry about

The storm

I would rather go and dance in the rain

That be prim and constrained

To dance in a white dress

And know that I’ve truly

Been blessed

With someone I truly love

I want to live

And sigh

And bliss

I want to breathe

And kiss

And risk

I want to be known

As someone who wasn’t alone

And took the chance to love

Who wasn’t afraid

To believe in something insane

And find out that fairy tales do come true


I would rather stand at the edge of a valley

Than at the dark length of an alley

And laugh with the wind

As it brushes my hair

Round my grin

One of my cousins is engaged. She’s so happy, and it’s infectious to see her little smile whenever she looks down at the ring on her left hand. She’s truly happy, and it makes you wonder about one’s own love life – or lack thereof – and it reminds me of Hunter Hayes song “Everybody’s Got Somebody But Me”.

Okay, so that’s a bit melodramatic, but its been true lately. I think everybody want’s somebody in their lives to love and risk with. It’s human nature, and I am no different than anybody else in that regard. For one, I recently bought my grad dress. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have somebody who cares for me bring me a corsage, other than my parents. I think this also stems from a couple of my friends with their boyfriends, and how happy they seem to be. I just want that same happiness that they have. I can only hope that I’ll find it someday. Because I would rather laugh, and dance, kiss, and risk.


About Michelle

I read, write, sing, hunt rabid giraffes, play volleyball, and play guitar. I love my big Alberta skies, wheat fields, and camping trips in the summer. I love to travel. I'm secretly a nerd. (Read as, I watch musicals, read Harry Potter too often, and can quote most of the movies I watch.) I love to be out in the country, riding quads and bikes, and just getting away from the city. I love the friends that I have and I try to be as loyal as I can. I've been writing since I was little, and I love to do so. It's a passion of mine that I hold close to my heart, and I love to use it to express the way I feel, or freeze a moment, or a feeling, in the time that it occurred. I also lied about giraffe hunting. I usually only hunt mosquitoes.

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