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Dancing Stars

Dancing stars

And flying kites

Away on the wings

Of nightingale’s flight

Into the night

Of glittery glow

Of whispering wind

And wuthering song

Muted moon

And silvery stars

Dancing in the arms

Of slippery shadows

Twirling haze

Of flowing fog

Of murmuring mist

And whispering willows

Nightingales wings

Swaying in the song

Swirling in the shadows

Dancing in the stars

How dramatic. Makes me sound like a desperate teen with shadowy thoughts. This is not a poem about death or shadows or any of that. Instead, it is inspired by a night on the farm on a misty night when the moon a shadowy orb that barley lit the sky. And truly, when you walked, you could almost see the mist swirl, like a misty horror movie. It was beautiful and eerie at the same time. So the poised, peachy poem you have here. 🙂

About Michelle

I read, write, sing, hunt rabid giraffes, play volleyball, and play guitar. I love my big Alberta skies, wheat fields, and camping trips in the summer. I love to travel. I'm secretly a nerd. (Read as, I watch musicals, read Harry Potter too often, and can quote most of the movies I watch.) I love to be out in the country, riding quads and bikes, and just getting away from the city. I love the friends that I have and I try to be as loyal as I can. I've been writing since I was little, and I love to do so. It's a passion of mine that I hold close to my heart, and I love to use it to express the way I feel, or freeze a moment, or a feeling, in the time that it occurred. I also lied about giraffe hunting. I usually only hunt mosquitoes.

2 responses to “Dancing Stars

  1. Kate ⋅

    I love love love how this flows, it’s so sweet.

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