The Music In My Bones

It’s the twirling and the twisting

And the spin, the dip, the whirl

The flying of my feet

And the beauty in the beat


It’s the music in my bones

And pounding in my chest

The laughter from my lips

And swinging in my hips


It’s the smoothness of the steps

The feeling of the frolic

It’s the hand upon my waist

And the smile upon your face


It’s the very need to dance

The knowledge of the steps

It’s being unrestrained

Exhilaration that’s unfeigned


It’s the sweat that’s in the movement

And the feel of hand in hand

It’s the flight, the fight, the fall

The splendor of it all


It’s the rush of being held

The rush of my own feet

It’s the beauty in the action

The following chain reaction


It’s the tune that’s in my soul

And the steps that match

It’s the very dance that embraces

And the whirl of all the faces


It’s the twirling and the twisting

And the spin, the dip, the whirl

The flying of my feet

And the beauty in the beat


Many of my closest friends know that I have a thing for guys who can two step. I love it. For somebody to be able to grab you, go through the motions, dip and spin you around till you’re dizzy, for me, it is so much fun. What more do you want that a guy who can dance? I mean, half the time I’m busy singing the country music we’re dancing to, and then laughing when they can spin me around, and around and around. I love it.

I bring this up because over the past couple weeks, I’ve been able to get out and dance – and not the clubbing type ‘dance’ either. True, down to earth, spin, dance dip, two stepping. There’s something about it that just drives me crazy in the best of ways.

I mean, I had so much fun a couple weekends ago at a uni party. A country song came on, and so me and this guy two stepped. When it turned into top 40 again, and people began grinding instead of true dancing, he only smiled, and asked if I waned to to two step again. “To this?” I asked. “It’s top 40!” He only laughed and said “We’ll make it country.” And sure enough, to the surprise and astounded looks, we two stepped. And it was great.

So that’s what that is about. Hope you all get to have a little fun this weekend, and get that freedom and fun that comes with the feeling of the dance.


The Dark Man and His Deathly Steed

The dark man and his deathly steed

Feasted upon man with greed

Taking lives and taking tool

Taking man where they did not wish to go


He stole at war, he stole on blades

He stole through a thick bloody haze

With his grey cape flapping fast

He stole the future, left the past


He plundered on murder, he plundered on doubt

He took the young and old, the thin and stout

And he loved the sick, he loved the ill

So he took those with no hearty will


The dark man and his deathly steed

Feasted on plague and times of need

When people were poor and sick and slender

In their slumber they would surrender


To the deathly horse’s iron hooves

Centuries of blood within their grooves

Where he trampled upon the light of life

And took away the human might


For everyday they trample fast

When they steal the future, leave the past

And they steal the starlight, they steal the sun

They steal life’s pleasures, with death begun


For the dark man and his horse of death

Pride themselves on living theft

Of stealing life, of stealing light

Of stealing friends, the son, the wife


A little dark, I know, but what’s darker than Halloween? And yes, I consider this a more Halloween poem, considering Halloween was two days ago. Pity that it wasn’t a Friday, but what can you do?

Anyways, this poem/horror story/creeptastic fiction was written a while ago. Like, six months ago. However, I thought, in absence of a light-hearted poem  full of stars and skies and nature and love, I would throw a wee bit of a curve ball at you. So. I hope you enjoy it, even if it is a little twisted.


When you fall asleep

When you close your eyes

Do you dream of me?

And of sunset skies?


Or do you dream of roses?

Their petals soft and sweet

In their beauty, powerful

But their thorns that cheat?


Or are your dreams of stars?

The Milky Way and Orion’s belt

The inky sky, black as pitch

Each star glowing, each one felt?


Better, do you dream of song?

Of distant harmony?

The song weaving through your soul

Creating a sweet agony?


Or are your dreams of spring?

The sweetness of reawakening?

The sun kissed grass, the azure sky

The world from winter, awakening?


Or do you dream of love?

The chase, the fight, the fall?

And when you do, who do you find?

Is it my name that you call?


And when you fall asleep

When you close your eyes

Do you dream of me?

And of sunset skies?


I wrote this when I was supposed to be doing homework, but, alas, I’m easily distracted, especially when I haven’t written anything creative in a while.

I will admit, that I was also listening to a select mood of music when I did, and suddenly, knew I needed to write something, anything. And this is what I ended up with. Not bad for almost spraying words onto the page.

As for what I was listening to…Ed Sheeran’s Give Me Love, Dustin Lynch’s Hurricane, and Kip Moore’s Hey Pretty Girl.

On that same note, I love how music can change our moods, our lives, and inspire us. I’ll give an example; There is this one composition by Hans Zimmer. It gives me chills. Everytime. I hear it, and I literally stop everything, just to enjoy it.

And that’s what I love about music. That it has that ability to give us those chills, to speak for us, to tell a story. Even it it doesn’t have words. Which is why I love soundtrack music. Sure, it was meant initially to accent a movie. But if you listen to it enough, it becomes something different. You know all the parts of the song; so much so, that you can hum along with it. And when you watch that movie, the music seems out of place, because you know it so well.

At the same time, I love music, because the words (even instrumental music has it’s own words, in a way) can speak so personally to us. And that’s poetic.

Was this aside a little off topic? Perhaps. But it’s all connected, in one way or another.


Into the stars, shall I run

No longer a thought for the sun

The starlight is soft, the starlight is easy

And it kisses my shoulders

Leaving me dizzy


Across the skies, shall I race

The night sky’s heaven, is my grace

The starlight forgives, the starlight forgets

It knows who I am

And knows no regrets


Far from the moon, shall I fly

With the hope I’ll never die

The starlight is gentle, the starlight is tame

For on my shoulders

Is nothing like blame


Beyond my dreams, shall I chase

Stars as a net, just in case

The starlight is bracing, the starlight is steady

So far shall I sail

Never unsteady


Unto my schemes, shall I soar

Dreams as loud as lion’s roar

The starlight is beauty, the starlight is strong

It knows my own life

It knows my own song


Until the stars die, shall I dash

Until my world is naught but ash

The starlight is heaven, the starlight is hell

I burn and I yearn

To be under it’s spell


Have you ever had a time, when you found a perfect moment? Where you could barley breathe in the awe and the beauty of it? Where you felt infinite? Where you felt strong?

They’re rare, for sure. But when you experience them, it just feels like nothing else in this world.

I’ve had the fortune to have a few of these moments. The one that this particular poem is modeled after is when there were a bunch of us, sitting around the fire, looking at the clearest patch of night sky I have ever seen in my life. Billions upon billions of stars, just scattered across the sky, twinkling and dancing. It was a moment that seared into my mind.

Not only, in that moment, did it feel crazy, and amazing, but it also made me realize that there are millions of reasons that I could – or couldn’t – be here. And to look into that night sky, it was like looking into something inexplicable. And I loved it.

With Your Eyes, A Smile

Kiss me with your eyes

And love me with your smile

Let me know what I

Haven’t known in quite a while


Let me feel the freedom

That comes with your soft gaze

To wander in each other’s eyes

And roam for all my days


Kiss me a sweet question

Let it tingle down my spine

A thousand answers on my lips

All ways to call you mine


Let me feel the power

That lives in your silk touch

Knowing that I have you

Feels like it’s so much


Awake me from this dream

Awake me from this wish

Wake me with nothing else

But the knowledge of this bliss


Alright, so it’s short and sweet today. Mostly, because I’m so busy between coaching and school, but also, because the majority of my poems tend to be long and drawn out. It’s really just who I am as a writer in general; even when I was younger, my stories and essays would be way longer than what was asked.

And, why a love poem this week? Well, I’ve left you some pretty serious poems the past couple weeks, so I thought I would lighten things up a bit.

And, okay, fine. I like love poems. I don’t care if I’ve never been in love, let alone ever had a boyfriend. We all want that special someone; the one who sweeps us off our feet, makes us laugh, smile, cry. So here’s to wishing on stars, that someday that special someone will find me. And, preferably, appreciate instead of scoff at my romantic notions and poetry.